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Plan Features


We're so confident you will love our services, you're not required to sign an annual agreement. It's that simple to work with Valley Networks. 

One Hour Response

Our phones are answered live and a support technician will be working on your issue in less than 60 minutes.

Unlimited Support

When we take on the responsibility of your IT infrastructure, we’re not counting down the minutes until you run out of support time so we can charge for ‘overages’. Unlimited Support means you don’t have to sweat the hours, we do.

Office 365 Licenses and Support

As a Microsoft Partner, we have access to their 365 “back end” and their internal tech-support. So while Microsoft won’t let us (or anyone for that matter) sell it at a discount, if we’re your 365 provider we can get support the average user cannot.

Mobile Device Support

Email support for tablets and smart phones.

Sentinel One Anti-Virus

We don’t use standard anti-virus and malware protection. With our support program, you’ll get Sentinel One coverage. This stuff is as advanced as it gets.

Firewall Specialists

Valley Networks will configure your corporate firewall for maximum security, tailor it to your individual needs and install regular firmware updates. But we also bring in a third-party team of firewall specialists to lend a hand. Configuring firewalls is all these guys do all day long. Of course, we’ll set up the Content Filtering and the Intrusion Prevention modules. But we’ll also employ Cyren Gateway Security to bring you state-of-the-art protection. Seriously, we bring to you the best of the best.

Spam Filtering

Office 365 and MS Exchange Online do a pretty good job of screening out the garbage but a dedicated Spam Filter service can boost it even further. Plus, it allows for outbound filtering too, so if a staff member takes the bait and installs a virus that then starts spamming everyone in his contact list, the outbound filter will stop it and prevent you from being temporarily blacklisted.

Cutting Edge Cloud Backup & Business Continuity

Valley Networks is proud to provide the very best in on-premise and cloud backup services in the form of Datto, the industry’s premier provider of secure cloud services and disaster recovery. Datto is much more than simple backup, it’s a Disaster Recovery plan that is tested twice a day. Datto is continually updating your server images to the on-premise Datto appliance and their cloud service. Twice a day, it “spins up” a virtual copy of your server in the cloud to ensure that it is a bona-fide and bootable image. That “log-in” image is then emailed to us (twice daily) to demonstrate that it is standing by and ready to go. In the event that someone took a sledgehammer to your server, we can simply spin up your cloud server and keep the staff working.


Vendor Liaison

We’ll talk to your other IT providers so that you don’t have to.

VOIP Phone System Support

We’ve got you covered.

Monitoring, Maintenance and Patches

Our system checks your servers and workstations at regular intervals to make sure the hardware is happy and healthy. It will also handle the patch installation and can be configured so that they take place overnight.

Ticket System

If you’d like, your staff members can contact us directly with their issues via our ticket system. This way, they’re not bothering you.

Planning and Review

Once or twice a year, we like to sit down with our clients to formally discuss future plans and talk about technology options. Smooth sailing requires just a little bit of planning.

Help Desk

Valley Networks is here to take on the daily computer headaches such as passwords, printers, applications, etc and of course, the dreaded “Why is my computer so slow?”

Much More

Loaner computers, new hardware installation, Depart of Defense level drive wiping, electronics recycling and more.



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The Job Will Be Done Right

“Valley Networks is a company that stands behind its work, and understands the value of a good relationship with its customers. I know that when I call them, the job will be done right. That’s valuable to me. We find that being able to call Valley Networks for assistance when our IT department lacks the resources or expertise is a valuable asset to have available to us. They excel at bringing a high quality of work to any project.”

Bruce Sarte, Director of Information Technology,

Cedar Crest College